Make the most out of your soft launch

Soft launch is the most crucial stage in the entire app life-cycle. It’s the time to make important decisions on features for launch and priorities for improvements in your game.

It’s the period where you need to delve into the data about how users interact with your game — and know how your game stacks up against the competition.

PILOT helps you instantly understand and prioritize what needs to be done to get your game ready for launch.

Why Soft Launch?

Your game has one chance to impress. A soft launch is the opportunity to understand how surprising and delightful your game....

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PILOT does all the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to worry if you have the right tools, how players will find your game or....

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Why Now?

Why wait? The earlier you understand if your game has potential, the better for everybody involved. it's all about how you....

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PILOT gives you everything you need to run your soft launch.

Control: The PILOT DASHBOARD shows you how your game is performing in comparison to other games in your genre, enriching this with an overview of user activity in real-time.

Community: The PILOT SAMPLE  puts your game in front of a statistically relevant sample of players, across key test markets, providing you behavioral and empirical data so that you can make the right decisions for your game.

Consumer Insights: The PILOT PANEL provides you player feedback, pinpointing what users loved about your game and highlighting user suggestions for features and improvements, all captured in surveys conducted by Player Research, a renowned research firm specialized in playtesting and user research.